In attendance: n/a

@MIT: n/a

Absent: n/a

  • Finding GSC reps
    1. Our organization is a member of GSC, so one of us or we pick someone
    2. Rachel will do one of them
    3. Lizzie will send an e-mail out to everyone to see if anyone wants to
    4. What are the responsibilites?
      1. We’re required to go to a meeting every month an sign in
    5. Rose will take the other spot
    6. Lizzie will still send an e-mail to see if anyone wants to actually attend the meetings
  • General updates (i.e. MIT room, photo board, social hours, etc.)
    1. Lizzie and Ryan want to have a social hour on thursday
    2. J ennifer Kenoyn has the JP credit card
    3. MIT room - Rachel submitted the app to renew a space and in the application it says that we can’t access the room, so hopefully we’ll hear something soon and get a room we can use
    4. Photo board - Lizzie needs one more, kevin sent an e-mail and no one responded, Rachel got half, Joleen got em all
      1. Everyone get those pictures!
      2. Joleen will print out what we have and add later when people send later
    5. JP all student- Steinbach scholar voting is going on now. Soon to finish and then next steps inviting
    6. Winter retreat - 23rd/24th of february
      1. Kris Kipp is on it for signing/paying the fees
      2. Spending money from the budget for the cleaning fee, too
  • Getting JP swag (Eesh's request)
    1. Outdoor gear discounts with silkscreening JP stuff on it
    2. Julia says there’s a local shop Howlingbird
      1. 45 up front for custom screen and 11.50/shirt or 8/shirt or something (Kevin and Julia)
    3. Or exhibit center helped in the past
    4. Hand this over to Eesh to lead
      1. He needs to give us a cost/article
      2. We’ll fund the silkscreen/upfront costs
      3. No designer because we can have a student designed shirt or something
      4. We can maybe also subsidize if upfront costs are low
  • OGE funding (when should we expect to hear back?)
    1. Check with Kris
    2. Kris or Julia could maybe contact administrative assistant in OGE (Julia)